Practical experience report of dual research Graduate in administration, candidate for inspector (high-level non-technical service): recruitment test and interview.

Those that have submitted a comprehensive, correctly made and formally flawed application are often invited for the recruitment test for the dual course of study to grow to be a graduate in public administration / inspector candidate.

Some also go as outlined by the grade point typical. Most municipalities get the recruitment tests from 1 location, which is why they’ve exactly the same structure.
The employmenttest.
Language skills.
The German element consists of two components. Inside the very first portion there’s a dictation, which often consists of 3 slightly alot more problematic words, whereas the text is chosen at random. The dictation takes about 60 minutes and is read out as soon as, then dictated and read out once again.
The second portion consists someone write your essay of an essay which frequently has three topic areas to choose from, one example is “Cell phones must make life less complicated, but numerous really feel more and more stressed” or “Do print media still possess a future inside the age of digitization? ” The essay need to not be longer than 2.5 pages and has to be written within 60 minutes.

The math exam requires 1 hour and contains 4 types of tasks: word challenges, arithmetic with geometric figures, percentage calculation and interest calculation.
Common information.
Common know-how is then asked for 45 minutes. Above all, historical events and their dates should certainly be a term (e.g. When was the 30 Years War? ). Existing and historical appointments to offices (e.g. Federal Chancellor, Interior Minister, Federal President, etc. ) are also queried. Queries just like the following are also asked: What are business enterprise cycles? How extended does the moon take to orbit the earth? What’s the name from the northernmost island in Germany? Who’s the founder of social security? Which came initial: state or capital? What exactly is meant by: totally free mandate, best to petition, compulsory parliamentary groups, coalitions in labor law, immunity, indemnity; Three-element theory as outlined by Georg Jellinek.

There is a break of approx. Ten minutes among the tests. The time to full the tasks is enough. Immediately after successful completion, you are likely to be invited to an interview.
The interview.
The interview will be more than just after 20 minutes, nevertheless it typically lasts over an hour. In this conversation you first have to introduce yourself: name, age, place of residence, career, why you applied towards the respective authorities. Then the question and answer session begins on the individual, on political difficulties at federal and state level. Typically a lecture also must be given (e.g. Why social engagement strengthens the standard great). The concerns within the interview are extremely distinctive and are largely knowledge queries about existing politics.

Medical check-up.
Immediately after the convincing interview, you go to a health-related pre-employment examination. This consists from the G37, an examination of no matter if one particular is appropriate to sit in front in the monitor the entire working day. Only an eye test is carried out. Second, a separate healthcare examination will identify your health-related history and that of the parents and siblings. This is followed by a blood stress, urine and once more an eye test. The reflexes along with the mobility with the joints are examined.

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